Should You Have Keywords in Your Domain Name?

Matt Cutts, of Google, answers the question "How would you explain the power of keyword domains to someone looking to make a decision on what kind of domain to go for?" [media url="" width="500"] In summary, Matt suggests...

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Choosing the correct domain keywords.

Our E-commerce Success Series Books

In creating e-commerce solutions for our clients and ourselves, we choose the platform or underlying technology based on the needs of the project, the types of products or services offered, and how the client will manage their etailing operations. For our more...

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E-commerce Sales Increase in 4th Quarter 2010

The Census Bureau of the Department of Commerce released their fourth quarter report on February 17, and the estimates look good for e-commerce businesses. Retail e-commerce sales (adjusted for seasonal variation, but not for price changes) was $44.1 billion, an...

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