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Ecommerce Developer

The next installment of Bret’s series on the features of OpenCart 1.5 deals with modifying your design theme. This posting gives step-by-step instructions on how to modify the footer. Throughout the series he will guide you on how to tweak your OpenCart theme with links to specific examples. To read the…(Read More)

Search Engine Report

comScore, Inc. released its search engine analysis of the US marketplace for June of 2011. Google continues to dominate with 65.5 percent of the search queries. Yahoo! has 15.9% and Microsoft captured 14.1% of the market share. There was little change from the previous month. Only Microsoft saw a modest increase of…(Read More)

E-Commerce Growth

The Mercent E-Commerce Performance Index (MEPI) is a report that measures year-over-year growth of the same-seller gross merchandise value (GMV) for national brand name retailers selling across E-Commerce sales channels. And for the second quarter of this year, an increase of 17% over second quarter last year was reported. Mercent…(Read More)

5 Great OpenCart 1.5 Themes

Despite the huge number of OpenCart powered websites in existance, theme designers have generally paid little attention to creating vibrant, innovative designs for OpenCart. It’s difficult to explain, given the fact that OpenCart’s theme architecture is fairly easy to navigate, and certainly easier to work with than some other platforms, like Magento. Fortunately…(Read More)

Practical E-commerce

Bret Williams is writing a series of articles focusing on the issues facing small, brick-and-mortar retailers as they migrate online. The first in the series, distributed by Practical Ecommerce, can be read in full here. In it he discusses how small online retailers can compete with large companies like Walmart and Amazon. Be…(Read More)