About Us

In 1995, after 15 years in marketing, advertising and political consulting, Bret Williams, President/CEO of novusweb, imagined that the Internet would provide businesses with an unprecedented ability to create and nurture direct relationships with their customers. From the formation of one of the very first Web production companies in Austin, Texas through today’s global presence of novusweb, Mr. Williams has been the creative, strategic and motivational power behind hundreds of successful Web solutions for clients of all types and industries.

In 2005, novusweb decided to put theory into practice by building a niche ecommerce business. The creation of this online retail store helped prove and disprove conventions and helped novusweb hone a system of building profitable online retail and wholesale businesses. After selling that first ecommerce business, novusweb has turned its attention to building successful businesses for a number of select clients, as well as creating unique, proprietary ecommerce properties to help bring even more customers to the offerings of its clients.

Today, our focus is on maximizing e-commerce operations for merchants from all around the world. If you’d like to know how novusweb can help your company, please contact us.

novusweb, llc is a privately held Texas Corporation.