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eCommerce Master's Series

  Attracting and retaining customers for an eCommerce business is an area most SMB merchants will spend more of their time conducting and perfecting than any other area of their business. And for good reason. If you don’t have customers, you don’t have sales. If you don’t have sales, you don’t…(Read More)

eCommerce Master's Series

  It’s pretty heady stuff when your new online store begins receiving orders. Customers are actually digging what you have to sell and willing to part with their money to get their hands on your widgets. Imagine that! But, that’s only the beginning. Until the purchaser receives what they bought, you haven’t…(Read More)

eCommerce Master's Series

  When it comes to selling products, our clients’ fall into one of two categories: 1) they have an existing online store and want to explore selling on Amazon or eBay, or 2) they currently sell on Amazon, eBay, et al, and want to build a system to manage the products and orders generated, while…(Read More)

eCommerce Master's Series

Successful commerce involves two important components: products and customers to buy those products. In the previous installment, I gave you information on sourcing your products. Now, it’s time to discuss the second important piece: customers. Customer Types As you traverse the world of eCommerce, you’ll learn that businesses define themselves as either Business…(Read More)

eCommerce Master's Series

Most online merchants begin with an idea to sell certain products or services. Yet, many others want to sell online but have little idea as to what they want to sell. In either case, deciding what to sell is the first, important step to planning for eCommerce success. Even if you already sell online, it…(Read More)

eCommerce Master's Series

The Gold Rush of the 21st century, for many small entrepreneurs, has been the creation of online stores. Profits can — and have — been made selling everything from homemade crafts to high-dollar electronics. And many of these businesses have been built from spare bedrooms and small offices around the world. We first dove into…(Read More)

Countdown to Launch

Launching a new eCommerce store is an exciting time. You and your team have worked hard creating the design, adding products and configuring about a thousand settings. Your warehouse is prepared to ship and you’re ready to begin processing orders. Now, it’s just a quick “flip of the switch.” Or, is it? Ensuring…(Read More)

Planning for Marketing

At this particular moment (I’m writing this in December, 2017), it’s very likely that if you’re a merchant, about the last thing you want to talk about is marketing for next year. No doubt you’re still recovering from Black Friday/Cyber Monday and you’re in the throes of pre-Christmas…(Read More)

Top 5 Metrics for E-commerce

Between Google Analytics, your e-commerce store platform and many other tools you may be using in your SMB e-commerce business, you have more numbers to analyze than you have time. However, there are five we feel you should keep a keen eye on to know how well your business is growing. In the…(Read More)

Staying Ahead of the Competition

Each year, our team puts together a report projecting what we see as trends in SMB e-commerce. We focus on the technologies, creative design, marketing and operations that most impact emerging mid-market merchants. This year, we decided to release our proprietary report to the public. While the report may not be “earth-shaking…(Read More)

Bret Williams

Bret is the a co-founder and the Managing Partner of novusweb®. He is also author of several books on Magento and e-commerce and is sought as a speaker and trainer. Bret has been crafting internet innovations since 1995.