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As ecommerce experts, we are constantly on the lookout for meaningful information to share with our clients and with others who wish to succeed with online commerce.

What Are You Waiting For?

Seth Godin, author of several books on marketing, recently posted the question “Whatcha gonna do with that duck?” He doesn’t advocate skipping the step of “getting your ducks in a row,” however, he does challenge you to do something with those ducks. How often have...

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We like following the different duck.

Retail E-commerce Continues to Grow

eMarketer is forecasting that e-commerce spending is expected to grow 13.7% to $51.4 billion in the fourth quarter of 2010. Last year’s 4th quarter sales were $45.2 billion. That translates to a 2010 full-year projection of $162.4 billion in online retail sales, up...

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E-commerce Growth


As with any retail business, your e-commerce business requires a source for the products and services you offer. The ideal source for you depends on several factors such as warehousing assets, brands, manufacturers, etc. Types of Sources Personal Services. You...

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CyberSquatting: Stealing Your Good Name

In the 1990's, when companies were first coming to grips with how the Internet might augment their marketing efforts, some enterprising people registered .com names such as mcdonalds.com, toysrus.com, etc. and then sold them to the actual companies for thousands of...

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Protect Your Domain Name

Product Photographs Create Sales

Like so many of you, we shop on-line. Whether we need new toner for our laser printer or a BBQ smoker for the home backyard, shopping online is how we find what we want to buy. Unfortunately, so many on-line stores make it very difficult to make a purchasing...

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Product Graphics

What About Service Providers?

While many product retailers and wholesalers offer ancilliary services (e.g., repairs, training, installation), it is the professionals such as lawyers, accountants and consultants who we wish to address. Many professional firms consider the Web to be little more...

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Home-Based E-commerce Business Woes

For the past 10 years, my wife and I have operated a million dollar business from the comfort of our home. It's been a joy not having to commute to work, and we've seen our three boys grow up right before our eyes into fine young men. We've had the freedom to set...

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Home Based Business


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