In this course…

  • Learn how to use metrics and data properly.

  • Compose product information that truly converts shoppers into buyers.

  • Explore inexpensive tools to add to increase conversions.

  • Learn pricing strategies that help to maintain healthy profit margins.

  • Put into action simple steps for improving product rankings in Google.

  • Develop a REAL action plan for success and see your sales grow!

Course curriculum

  • 02

    Defining Your Brand

    • Your Mission and Values

    • Communicating Your Brand

    • Building Brand Asset Value

  • 03

    Analyzing Metrics Meaningfully

    • Analysis Tools

    • Calculating CPA

  • 04

    Product Information that Converts

    • Product Copy (2-4-6)

    • Images and Videos

    • Build Product Landing Pages

  • 05

    Live Chat & Support as Conversion Tools

    • Live Chat

    • Help, FAQs, Policies

  • 06

    Product Reviews Breed Customer Confidence

    • Soliciting Reviews

    • Google Ratings

  • 07

    Pricing & Coupons Usage that Retains Profit

    • Build Price Value

    • Using Pop-Ups Dynamically

  • 08

    Learn Who Your Customers Are

    • Segmentation

    • Service and Support

    • Forms and Interactions

  • 09

    Build Content to Build Brand Value

    • Blogs and News

    • Product Use Information

    • Company Information

  • 10

    Automated Emails for Building Higher Customer LTVs

    • Transactional

    • Marketing

    • Abandoned Cart

  • 11

    How to Use Social Media Efficiently

    • Channels

    • Scheduling and Promotions

    • Monitoring

  • 12

    End Advertising Waste

    • Google Shopping

    • PPC

    • Re-targeting

    • On-site

  • 13

    Multi-Channel Markets that Don't Cost a Lot

    • Google Product Listings

    • Facebook Store

    • Other Markets

  • 14

    Improving Organic Listings for Free Advertising

    • Product Page Titles

    • Meta Descriptions

    • Rich Snippets

  • 15

    Action Plan

    • Creating a Plan for Selling

    • Setting Up Metrics Dashboard

Double Your Sales in 12 Months

100% Money-Back Guaranteed!

  • Learn Your Customers

    Learn the profit-making techniques of Customer Segmentation. Automate your campaigns to increase Customer Lifetime Value.

  • Capture Lost Sales

    By creating multi-step systems for increasing sales from abandoned shopping carts and previous customers, you can inexpensively grow your sales volume.

  • Make Google Shopping Work

    Get top-billing in search results by having high-converting copy designed to raise your product listings while reducing your cost-per-click.

  • Use Live Chat to Convert

    When done correctly, live chat or some way to immediately communicate with shoppers on your site can increase your overall conversion rate by 6-15%.

  • Set Shipping for Profit

    You'll learn how to configure your shipping and pricing so that shipping becomes less a loss and more of a profit-maker.

  • Video Becomes Your New BFF

    We'll show you how to use video wisely and inexpensively to truly ramp up your sales. Your sales will be skyrocketing.

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About Your Instructor

For more than 25 years, Bret has been crafting award-winning, highly converting e-commerce solutions for his clients. A best-selling author, speaker, and teacher, Bret loves spending time helping SMB merchants exceed their goals.

Bret is also a Pastor of a local church and lives with his wife of 41 years in Austin, Texas.

Bret Williams



All designed to help you grow your sales & profitability.

Our Guarantee

Double your sales in 12 Months!

We want you to be very successful. We know from experience that when everything you learn in this course is applied, your sales will increase from 100% on up!

All you have to do is to complete every lesson in this course, including any homework assignments. You also need to add us to your Google Analytics account (read-only) and have Google Analytics properly reporting your sales conversions. This is so we can validate your sales increase and potentially help out along the way if we spot areas to assist.

Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee is based on all the above conditions and is measured by your total sales volume, in dollars, between the full month prior to your commencing this course and the twelfth full month once you complete the course in full.

So, with nothing to lose, and everything to gain, what's keeping you from doubling your sales?