eCommerce System Evaluation Form

Re-considering a proper system for your online merchandising can be a daunting task. With all the available technologies and services at your disposal, architecting the platform that is ideal for your purposes — and at a cost that improves your bottom line — it’s no wonder many regard this a challenging exercise.

To help you identify compatible systems for your consideration, we have prepared a method we use with our clients to ferret out those most important considerations. These 93 questions have been carefully chosen, as each one has some impact on the decision-making process.

We invite you to respond to the questions in this evaluation to 1) help you ponder the many issues relating to ecommerce, and 2) to receive, from us, an initial recommendation on the ideal platform and related systems that could improve your online selling results.

As you go through this form, you may save your progress and return to it later. All information will be kept confidential and will not be share with any outside firm. This form is SSL encrypted for your protection.

Once you submit your answers, you will be emailed a summary of your responses for your own use and records.

You’ll note that many questions are Yes, No, and Need. “Need” should be selected if you do not currently use the feature mentioned, but feel you need it moving forward.