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Like most authors and artists, I like to think I have a thick skin when it comes to critiques of my work. I’d also like to say I don’t read reviews, but that would not be true, of course. Mastering Magento is the first book I wrote for a major publisher.

I’ve written several self-published books, as well as numerous articles, blog posts and columns, but Mastering Magento represents a new turn in my career as an e-commerce expert. So, naturally I’ve been curious to know how well its been received by folks who have plunked down good money. While sales of the Mastering Magento book have been a good indicator of its acceptance, I know how reviews can also help or hurt future sales.

And, of course, if I intend to improve as an author, I want to learn from this experience.

At the risk of appearing self-laudatory — and no one ever said I didn’t enjoy applause — here are some snippets of reviews I have found online. Most have been favorable; some have not. This is not a complete list, to be sure.

Favorable Reviews

Book really did amaze me with the tips and chapters it contained. From looking at the table of contents I was not really interested and I had thought, yet another book covering the basics and not really telling something useful that you cannot learn in a day or two. Yet I was wrong. This book is really a good reference for Magento. You will probably read it on occasion when you wonder how a thing can be done. Book really covers the pains and problems endured during setting up a new Magento site so the author’s experience will help you overcome your own problems. It’s good because it really feels like “Ok, that’s enough pain, I should write a book about my experiences and I will get lots of thanks from others” Anyone who think about opening a Magento shop should at least check this out.

Amazon Reader Review


When you are using Magento and have never used e-commerce software before, you have probably no idea where to start. “Mastering Magento” can make this first step way easier.

Amazon Reader Review


This books gives you a very good overview of the current Magento community edition. It doesn’t waste time explaining obvious basics but rather focuses on Magentos concepts for building a shopping website.
I was able to setup a working Magento installation within 2 days with the help of this book. Very well worth reading.

Safari Books Online Review


This books walks you through how to customize your Magento store for better performance, tuning your Magento installation and step-by-step guides for making your store run faster or to improve your conversion.

Amazon Reader Review


I would say that Mastering Magento is the ultimate guidebook to Magento so far.

Amazon Reader Review


… the text gives very detailed explanations of many features it has, of interest to anyone writing or designing an e-commerce website.

Amazon Reader Review


Mastering Magento is that owner’s manual for Magento that you have been looking for. It is more like a guide book for admins, developers and designers that a tutorial for beginners. It is a book you will turn to when you need the question to something specific.

Blog Review


From planning your Magento installation through advanced techniques designed to make your store as successful as possible, this book is a roadmap for managing your Magento store.

Tuts+ Premium


Book really did amaze me with the tips and chapters it contained.

Blog Review


It seems to cover all the main areas and it has a really lifesaver section which is the pre-launch checklist.
Also very useful if you’re teaching a junior developer/designer and you need a deeper introduction to Magento.

Blog Review


The book is well written, concise and most importantly accurate. All information given on theming and configuration settings follow the Magento best practice guidelines that I have become accustomed to. Though its audience is not as defined as previous Magento editions released by Packt, ‘Mastering Magento’ definitely suits beginner web designers/developers and merchants overall. If you fall into either of those categories I would recommend this book.

Blog Review


This book covers every chapter in-depth. You can get your hands dirty on code, server setup and a lot of Magento Admin tuning. Each section will also give you an explanation of the elements involved such as catalog fields, scope, attribute sets and more concepts.

Blog Review


Mastering Magento is the perfect companion guide for both newcomers and experienced Magento users. Designers, developers and store owners alike will have a better understanding of how Magento works, and how to take advantage of Magento’s immense power to create online stores that help you sell.

Blog Review


Because all parts of Magento to properly dealt with, I can definitely recommend this book. This recommendation applies to the administrator, developer and designer of the Magento installation.

Blog Review (in Dutch)


Not-So-Favorable Reviews

I’d like to say Mastering Magento has not had a bad review, but, sadly, I can’t claim a perfect score. The only negative ones I have found so far are posted on Amazon. No bad blog reviews or from other booksellers to date.

The book was well written and had some high points but as a whole I was left disappointed.

Amazon Reader Review


There is no depth to any of the topics of discussion in this book.

Amazon Reader Review


Its full of how to use the CMS but barely scratches the surface when it comes to actually coding for magento.

Amazon Reader Review

Ouch. Oh, well. Time to go apply some more skin-thickener, learn from the critics and dive into my next book.

Have you purchased Mastering MagentoIf so, post a review here, on Amazon or on your own website. Let me know and I’ll include it in this list. And, thanks for buying the book!

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