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novusweb® is a Shopify Expert. We’re one of a few select agencies with the demonstrated experience in Shopify and e-commerce to give clients a productive experience with Shopify. Our leaders have built dozens of Shopify and Shopify Plus stores, including back-office integration, logistics, marketing, content and more. In fact, we don’t know of anyone in the world who has built more Shopify Plus stores than our management team.

Magento 2 is One Path — Expensive

Remember when you built your current Magento store? Was it easy, inexpensive and bug-free? Unless you worked with a highly-trained, capable Magento engineer or firm, you’re answer is an emphatic “no.” We’ve heard that so many times before. (Not from our clients, but then we’re Magento experts.)

[plsc_pullquote align=”left”]There is no easy, one-click upgrade from Magento 1 to Magento 2. Aside from some data migration abilities, you’re pretty much starting over from scratch.[/plsc_pullquote]

If you’re looking at upgrading to Magento 2, you’re destined to encounter the same costs and frustrations as you did with Magento 1. Your existing theme and extensions cannot be moved to Magento 2. And while Magento 2 is a powerful evolution of Magento 1, you have to be willing to stomach what can be an expensive and complex move.

Which leads us to considering Shopify. As long as you’re, in essence, moving to a new e-commerce platform, you might as well take a look at Shopify. It certainly won’t cost you as much to migrate to Shopify as it would to Magento 2. And, if your business model is appropriate for Shopify, you can save a lot of money, worry and frustration, while increasing your ease of operations, marketing integrations, security and much, much more.

A Complete Migration

With our extensive experience in both platforms, we provide a total migration.

Data Migration

Our data experts are very experienced in converting Magento products — including complex product types and categories — into Shopify products and collections. We have built proprietary scripts for taking Magento data and massaging it into Shopify import files.

Most in our field won’t tackle importing orders. And for good reason, it is a difficult process. However, novusweb has created a proprietary methodology for transferring your Magento order histories to Shopify. Using Magento and Shopify APIs — combined with our unique field mapping and conversion programming — you can keep your existing Magento order histories. Plus, order customers in Magento are created in Shopify. You see, in Magento, guest checkouts do not create customer records. We’re able to pull the customer information from those guest checkout orders and create customer records in Shopify. Woo-hoo!

Brand Design

We have created what is inarguably the most extensive, responsive Shopify theme framework around. Based on the Twitter Bootstrap framework, our Jupiter framework brings the full power, efficiency and responsiveness of the world’s most popular HTML5/CSS3 framework to our client projects.

Using your existing Magento site as a guide — and with your added input — we can craft a brand design in Shopify that truly represents your brand to your consumers, while providing ease of use in both desktop and mobile environments.


novusweb is very adept at integrating Shopify with backend operation systems for fulfillment, logistics, accounting and marketing. We’ve integrated Shopify with complex ERP software as well as more common systems such as Xero or QuickBooks.

Furthermore, with integration comes training and optimization. We can provide in-person, video and written training when needed for new integrations and programs.

Sound Advice

Shopify’s eco-system crosses paths with that of Magento, but there are many differences, as well. Many app developers create enhancements for only one of these platforms. We’ve used and tested many, many add-ons for both platforms. We know most of the top contenders and have close working relationships with many. Our experience in these platforms can make the difference between using an unsuitable add-on and one that truly provides a positive ROI for your operation.

[plsc_alert color=”yellow”]Please note: moving to Shopify is not for every business. We’re experienced enough to know whether your e-commerce business model will benefit from Shopify, Magento or another platform. We won’t talk you into making a move that doesn’t make both logical and financial sense for your goals.[/plsc_alert]

Our Magento-to-Shopify Migration is more than simply bringing over data. We work with you to take full advantage of the Shopify technology platform.

When you work with novusweb, you leverage over 20 years of experience in online commerce and marketing. We can help you in all key areas of your e-commerce operations, including:

We’re more than developers: we’re a true e-commerce agency. We’ve built and sold our own online businesses, and we’ve helped hundreds of others master online commerce.

We can do the same for you.

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