In reading an article about Google’s Hummingbird algorithm, I found a link to a wonderful graphic that visually notes what we perceive to be the factors that go into creating great search engine optimized content. The graphic above is from Search Engine Land, another great SEO resource.

What we found interesting is that more than anything, the quality of your content is what is most important. Quality inbound links are important, as well, but our contention is that if your content is relevant, well-written and valuable to your target audience, you’ll get the inbound links you need to help your page rankings.

Furthermore, if your content is valuable, the time spent on your site will increase and your bounce rate will most likely decrease as readers explore other pages on your site. After all, if the first page they read is valuable, readers will assume they can find other great tidbits elsewhere on your site.

Bret Williams

Bret is the a co-founder and the Managing Partner of novusweb®. He is also author of several books on Magento and e-commerce and is sought as a speaker and trainer. Bret has been crafting internet innovations since 1995.