Everett Stunz

Everett Stunz

Everett Stunz is a premier linen retail shop in La Jolla, California. The company has a stellar reputation among local consumers based on its selection and service. The design agency for Everett Stunz contacted us to help move their client’s online store from an outdated, custom system to Magento.

Anytime products are “relocated” from one ecommerce system to another, the translation of the data can sometimes be quite challenging. We worked closely with Everett Stunz management to devise a simple methodology of not only transferring the data, but enhancing it to provide a better online consumer experience. At www.EverettStunz.com, linens, for the most part, are presented as “collections.” That is, all sheets, towels, shams, etc. of a particular style are presented on the same presentation screen. Each collection item may also ask the consumer to choose both size (eg. king, queen, twin) and color. We worked to configure Magento and the site design to offer these choices as conveniently as possible for the shopper. At the same time, we had to create an internal process so that Everett Stunz could provide product information for efficient importing. Now, when we receive a spreadsheet of products, the import process takes us less than 15 minutes, even for imports of hundreds of new products.

Over the coming months, we will be working with the Everett Stunz team to add further enhancements to the site. We’re honored to be the ecommerce development partner for such a prestigious merchant.

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