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Aroma Living Styles

Aroma Living Styles

Aroma Living Styles is a licensee for Whirlpool brand air purifiers. Their existing Magento 2 server was having issues and they contacted novusweb for help. First, we recommended that the site be relocated to MageMojo, a novusweb hosting partner, and put onto their Stratus cloud servers. These very fast servers provide auto-scaling, load-balancing…(Read More)

Friends of the Port OConnor Library

The building of a new community library in Port O’Connor, Texas, took on greater importance over the past year. As a centerpiece for the coastal community, a new library would give the village added resources for education, outreach and interaction. As with many such endeavors, the funds for building a new library had to…(Read More)

Big Mans Land

Big Mans Land

Big Mans Land, an online retailer for big and tall men, asked novusweb to update their current Magento store and help identify opportunities to increase sales. Their previous Magento installation was bloated and slow, and after a thorough evaluation of all platform alternatives based on their products and needs, upgrading their Magento, removing unneeded add…(Read More)

After launching their new business and website earlier this year, Top Deck and novusweb determined that the site needed to be further improved. Based on usability and analytics data, novusweb found that adding more color, providing better design layout, and revising content and navigation would help to increase onsite conversions. novusweb also produced photography and…(Read More)

Everett Stunz

Everett Stunz

Everett Stunz, a luxury bedding and linen retailer in La Jolla, California, has been a long-time client of novusweb. Over the years, we have helped them improve and grow their online business. When it came time to consider migrating his Magento 1.x store to Magento 2.x, novusweb did a careful analysis and…(Read More)

  Full Spectrum Power is a premiere manufacturer of lightweight lithium-ion batteries for motorcycles. They have a strong relationship in the motorcycle racing industry and approached us to improve the design and functionality of their Shopify-powered shop…(Read More)

  JR Chemical Coatings has been a loyal client of novusweb’s for many years. Recently, we have assumed all management activities related to e-commerce, including site management, marketing, advertising, integrations and more. As a client of our E-commerce Management Program (EMP), the Wash Safe brand is seeing better sales, higher conversions and…(Read More)

Port O’Connor

For years, we’ve been enjoying trips to Port O’Connor, Texas, a small, yet popular, recreational fishing village on the Gulf Coast. Since the early days of the Web, we’ve managed to help spread the word about this “secret” destination and to help the many friends and businesses we’ve come…(Read More)

My Emoji Wear

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we’re always on the lookout for great opportunities to create new online properties. These ventures increase our expertise on various platforms, systems, operations, shipping, etc. The more real-world experience we have in e-commerce, the better we can assist our clients. My Emoji Wear is a new business we created…(Read More)

Tigrett Vacation Rentals

In Port O’Connor, Texas, there is no one more successful at providing vacation rentals than Tigrett Vacation Rentals. For almost 20 years, novusweb has worked with Tigrett to evolve their presence and back-office integrations. The front-end website is only a piece of the overall strategy for Tigrett. novusweb manages their AdWords campaign…(Read More)