Acres U.S.A. is a publisher and distributer of eco-agricultural books and videos. They have built a national reputation within the organic gardening and farming community.

Novusweb was contacted by Acres U.S.A. after it’s editor, Fred Walters, read Bret’s book, Mastering Magento. Fred had decided to move their online store to the Magento platform as a way of adding greater functionality, speed, and stability for their online retailing efforts.

After we reviewed the business objectives and e-tailing goals of Acres U.S.A., we agreed with Fred that a move to the Magento platform would indeed be in his best interest. Acres U.S.A. hired us to create a fast, reliable Magento store. We helped Fred’s team learn how to modify the design, content and functionality of the new store. We always enjoy empowering our clients; the client should be able to manage as much or as little of their online store as they desire.