Acres USA

This publisher and bookseller, focused on organic and small farming, came to novusweb® because they were unsatisfied with their online store. We were able to quickly identify and resolve their issues, greatly improving the customer’s shopping experience. Then Acres U.S.A. asked us to help improve all of their online capabilities.

novusweb made an in-depth analysis of future industry trends and worked with Acres U.S.A. to develop a technology strategy for the next five years of their business. This plan included moving to a more robust ecommerce platform and integrating the overall site with their other business areas, such as event management and marketing.

Moving forward, novusweb continues to create and expand monetization opportunities for Acres U.S.A. Also, as we do with all of our clients, novusweb is empowering Acres U.S.A. to understand and utilize all of their ecommerce tools. We also provide a constantly updating “digital owner’s manual” with everything needed to successfully run their online business.