Aroma Living Styles

Aroma Living Styles is a licensee for Whirlpool brand air purifiers. Their existing Magento 2 server was having issues and they contacted novusweb for help. First, we recommended that the site be relocated to MageMojo, a novusweb hosting partner, and put onto their Stratus cloud servers. These very fast servers provide auto-scaling, load-balancing and increased throughputs to handle the massive Magento 2 code base.

Next, we replaced their current theme with Ultimo from InFortis. We’ve long admired Ultimo for Magento, as it provides true responsive behavior, easy and in-depth configurations, and the ability to quickly add or modify layouts.

Finally, we worked to clean up various non-performing extensions, configure the site for speed, security and usability, and added additional functionality as per the client’s requirements.

Today, Aroma Living Styles enjoys a very fast, secure and productive online presence.