When Rebeca Finkelman first approached novusweb®, her home goods business mostly consisted of selling through Amazon. Before building a personalized ecommerce store, we first worked with Rebeca to create a personal brand strategy and new online presence. Together, we developed Finkelman’s Fine Goods as a place where Rebeca can share her talent for curating unique home decor, the best kitchen essentials, and her favorite health and beauty products. We also helped move Rebeca to the forefront of her company’s branding and marketing strategy so that she could connect directly with her customers. This included the development and production of original videos featuring Rebeca to be used on the site and shared on social media.

novusweb migrated all of Rebeca’s inventory to the new Finkelman’s Shopify store, which also included improved back-office integrations and workflows. This streamlining leads to faster order processing and more efficient product management.