Tired Iron Tractor Parts

One of the great joys of our work is being able to help clients who strive to be the best within a well defined niche. Tired Iron Tractor Parts is one such firm, aiming to provide a wide selection of parts and excellent service to farmers all across North America.

Their challenge was being able to offer close to 90,000 SKUs in a way that would give their customers quick and easy identification of the part they need. Since parts are identified by make, model, purpose and more, TiredIronTractorParts.com needed to have a powerful filtering engine. In addition, the firm needed to be able to efficiently update prices and availability for thousands of products.

When Tired Iron Tractor Parts first contact novusweb in 2013, the company had been running on an outdated version of Magento which had been modified in a manner that made product updates expensive and complicated the user experience. novusweb first reconstructed TiredIronTractorParts.com on an optimized Magento platform, including a responsive design and improved usability.

When it became evident that Tired Iron would need to upgrade to Magento 2, we undertook a careful and deep analysis of the firm’s overall eCommerce strategy. It seemed unreasonable to absorb another huge implementation cost for Magento 2 if there were a lower cost, SaaS-based solution.

novusweb actively tested a number of alternatives for speed, migration, ROI, and more. We concluded that BigCommerce Enterprise would best fit the bill, especially with its native faceted navigation, fast importing and ShipperHQ integration. The new BigCommerce migration was launched in May, 2018.