Top Deck Golf Carts

After launching their new business and website earlier this year, Top Deck and novusweb determined that the site needed to be further improved. Based on usability and analytics data, novusweb found that adding more color, providing better design layout, and revising content and navigation would help to increase onsite conversions.

novusweb also produced photography and video during two onsite visits, creating the Home page videos on the site. In addition, a robust, segmented email campaign, targeted PPC ads and social media management combine to give Top Deck Golf Carts a fast ascent in a crowded, competitive market.

After only a few months, Top Deck Golf Carts is on the first page of Google organic search results all top 20 keyword phrases, has amassed a huge assortment of 5-star reviews, and ranks as the top golf cart rental business in Trip Advisor.

We continue to work with Top Deck Golf Carts on a weekly basis, monitoring all performance metrics, managing advertising and content, and working to identify new ways of promoting the business.