Search Engine Ranking for August 2011

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comScore, Inc. released its monthly analysis of the US search marketplace.

Google remains the dominant search engine for August 2011, with a 64.8 percent market share. However, that was down 0.3 percent from the previous month. Yahoo! and Microsoft Bing gained slightly. Yahoo! had a 16.3 percent market share which was up 0.2 percent from July, and Microsoft Bing went from 14.4 percent in July to 14.7 percent in August.

Search Engine Ranking for August 2011

Google accounted for 64.4 percent of the total search queries in August 2011.

Search Engine Ranking for August 2011

19.5 billion search queries were conducted in the US for the month of August 2011. Google recorded 12.5 billion searches, while Yahoo! had 3.6 billion searches representing a 5 percent gain over July 2011.

Search Engine Ranking for August 2011

Clearly, Google is still the search engine of choice for the majority of Americans. Even with a slight dip of 0.3 percent, it remains dominant at 64.8 percent of the US market.

 *Graphic charts courtesy of comScore.

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