Whatever you may need to compete in today’s B2B environment, novusweb has the team and tools to take your online efforts to bold new heights.

And we do it all with your bottom line in mind. In other words, the more you succeed, the better we succeed.

We prefer a win-win for both!

Planning & Strategy

B2B success begins with solid planning. Brand, purpose, products, customers, logistics, marketing, operations — all of these are key.

And each one requires careful attention. You want to reduce risk and maximize opportunity. You want to be able to grow and scale to meet demand. And, you want an operation that is easy to manage.


We’ve been brought into many situations where existing eCommerce systems have been set up incorrectly. Yes, technology is complicated, but our experience with popular eCommerce platforms, integration systems and hosting allows us to cost-effectively create secure, fast and reliable configurations.

After all, you can’t sell if your systems don’t support your needs. 

Data Management

The heart of any operation is the data. Online commerce begins and ends with the information you have on products, orders and customers. If the data are not managed well, you could lose millions.

Data stewardship also means being able to glean meaningful metrics from your data. We love mining data, and helping our clients realize new sales opportunities.


Today’s eCommerce is meaningless without the ability to fully integrate all your systems: storefront, warehouse, logistics, accounting, sales and more.

Our skilled team understands integration well. We’re good at blueprinting and executing systems that save our clients big money and improve the accuracy and reliability of the entire operation.

Branding & Design

Our B2C clients know well the power of a great consumer brand. But, did you know that branding and user experience is just as valuable for B2B firms?

Whether you sell to consumers or other businesses, your brand and the online experience of your customers speaks volumes about your business. And great design will have a direct impact on your bottom line.


Fulfillment and shipping is one of the most complex aspects of eCommerce. There are so many variables that come into play. We’re involved with our client’s logistical issues every day, so we know a thing or two.

We can help you craft and implement a logistical operation that won’t break the bank, but it will improve your bottom line.


In today’s fast-moving, fast-evolving online landscape, it’s easy to waste money with the wrong or out-dated techniques. A large part of our practice is helping our clients increase their marketing ROI, giving them the lowest Cost of Acquisition and Cost of Sale possible.

It’s an ongoing effort to stay on top of the game, but we do it every day for our clients because we have the experience and bandwidth to maximize results.



Online content is not just about blogging. Just look at this page. The content is carefully researched and composed to maximize SEO and customer conversions.

For many of our clients, our team works to improve on-site messaging, product descriptions and presentations, email communications and any other place where diligent copywriting can add to a client’s success.

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