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“Content” for an e-commerce website — or for any media, for that matter — can refer to many things:

  • product descriptions
  • headlines
  • static copy
  • FAQs
  • policies
  • company history
  • instructions
  • and more.

While few dispute the importance of site content, few truly understand how to create content for online commerce.

How is great content created?

There are two important components to creating great site content:

  • Knowing the brand “voice.”
  • Understanding the audience.

Most content writers fail to capture a brand’s voice, and even fewer understand a brand’s audience. These require both experience and research to achieve real results.

What about SEO?

If your content is good for your audience, it’s great for your SEO.

Many will focus on the SEO aspects of content, when, in actuality, SEO “rich” content never converted a sale because it contained certain keywords. The truth of the matter is that search engines rank on “intent” rather than some injection of prized keywords. If your content is good for your audience, it’s great for your SEO.

Videos can increase sales

We know from personal experience that videos can increase sales. Videos don’t have to be high-dollar productions, but they do need to be scripted and prepared as carefully as any written content. novusweb has the ability to create low-cost, high-impact videos for use on your e-commerce website, as well as YouTube channels.

Let past customers sell through testimonials

On-site testimonials can be a very powerful word-of-mouth sales tool. We work with the leading providers in this industry and can configure your reviews system to attract more reviews — and more positive reviews — while enabling you to address any customer dissatisfaction quickly and professionally.

How does novusweb approach content?

We’re made of writers. After all, we’ve written several published books relating to e-commerce, made numerous presentations, and created content for hundreds of websites. For us, the key to great content production is taking the time to learn the brand. For us, the brand (company and/or product) is everything. Brand is what your customers will remember long after their purchase.

We want to set you apart from your competition.

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