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Do you have a B2B business, but want to build a direct-to-consumer channel? Are your online sales efforts struggling to grow? We know from hard-earned experience that operating an e-commerce business is tough work.

The truth is that if you’re not committing sufficient and specific resources to online commerce, you won’t enjoy the level of success you anticipated. E-commerce requires considerable skill, multiple disciplines, and ever-evolving knowledge of a fast-moving consumer landscape.


The good news is that as an agency focusing on e-commerce (we do also work with a lot of non-e-commerce clients), we already possess everything it takes to make an e-commerce operation succeed:

  • Business planning.
  • Content management.
  • Technical development.
  • Marketing.
  • Customer service.
  • Fulfillment and logistics.

Collectively, we call this our E-commerce Management Program, or EMP.

A soup-to-nuts approach

Think of EMP as your own e-commerce department. Just as you would hire a complete team to tackle your online sales efforts, EMP brings all the requisite skills to the table. We’ve built and sold successful e-commerce businesses. We can certainly build yours, as well, by applying our experience, ongoing research and continual refinements.

Includes the Kitchen Sink

EMP covers all aspects of operating a profitable and growing e-commerce business.

We make the investment, you get the profits

While we’re open to providing EMP on a traditional fee basis, our preferred method is to share in the rewards of our hard work. We have created a rather unique revenue share program:

  • We pay for all costs related to building and managing all your online sales efforts (development, marketing, customer services, fulfillment, etc.).
  • You supply the products or services, shipping tangible items to our fulfillment partner.
  • We share the gross profit margin from all online sales.

It’s just as simple as that. Our risk, your profits.

We can create business for non-tangibles, as well

If your brand is service-oriented, we can also create a program for driving trackable conversions. Lawyers, guides, rental companies and more could be considered as potential EMP clients. Our compensation might be based on a commission of any sales or a flat-fee per conversion.

Otherwise, all other aspects would be similar: we would pay for everything, including site development, advertising and pre-sales.

Whatever you sell — and, face it, everyone sells something — you can off-load your online efforts to novusweb. And, if someday you’re better positioned to take it in-house, we’ll be there to help you transition.

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