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No doubt, you’ve received a phone call or email solicitation promising to place your site on the front page of Google search results. Or that you’re “in risk of losing your Google local listing” if you don’t act quickly.

We’re sure you haven’t fallen for these scams, but they do point to a harsh truth: few really understand how SEO (Search Engine Optimization) works. And PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising is an even greater mystery to most.

It begins with your brand

It’s knowing what to communicate that makes the real difference.
We’re going to let you in on a little secret to conquering SEO: we call it brand articulation. Being able to communicate the features of your brand and products is the real key to SEO dominance. The technical aspects of communicating your brand to the search engines is relatively easy; it’s knowing what to communicate that makes the real difference.

Once the brand is well understood, keywords and phrases that resonate with online shoppers can be distilled so that they more accurately target your ideal consumers: shoppers that convert to sales. It’s this articulation that can make or break a successful online marketing effort (or off-line, for that matter).

Never underestimate good research

The best performing keyword phrases are discovered through meaningful research. All too often, online marketers settle for generalities. “Apparel,” “iphone cases,” and the like do little focus on your consumers. Your brand attracts specific buyers; therefore, your market focus should be aimed specifically at your target consumers.

While there are several online tools that can assist with superficial research, targeted research comes from knowing how to look for the real nuggets that will reach and resonate with your audience. Our experience in creating productive SEO campaigns is a combination of common research, creative research and instinct.

We create result-oriented SEM programs

Search Engine Management (SEM) is the process of systematically optimizing your site and your external tools to ensure the best possible rankings and exposure. Our select array of tools and reporting allows us to craft a protocol for ongoing management of your SEO campaigns. Some of our clients manage their SEO in-house; others hire novusweb to handle the daily, weekly and monthly activities.

Make no mistake: optimizing your e-commerce for search engines is not a “set-and-forget” proposition. To be successful, SEM is an ongoing endeavor. As results from efforts are measured and analyzed, we will always find opportunities to refine.

We optimize PPC

Many agencies approach online advertising as a cash register: the more they can get you to spend, the more commission they make. You’ll often hear that underperforming PPC campaigns “will produce more as you spend more.” While that is certainly true, increasing ad budgets should only be approved when existing campaigns have been truly optimized.

It’s not how much you spend, but how well you spend.
By that, we mean squeezing every last conversion from your existing budget. In the past, we have taken existing client PPC efforts (managed by a PPC agency) and reduced their monthly spend by 33% while increasing conversions by 64%! It’s not how much you spend, but how well you spend.

As an AdWords-certified agency, we are constantly researching and learning the latest techniques for maximizing exposure and converting site visitors. We have created proprietary algorithms for managing bid rates and, as with SEM, we use reporting tools to identify opportunities to increase effectiveness.

Social media should inspire

The rise of social media as a force in marketing cannot be overstated. That said, many businesses fail to devote adequate resources to mastering this dynamic and potentially treacherous landscape. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest each have strengths and weaknesses. Each can also be a gold mine of opportunity if approached correctly.

We have the tools, resources and experience to give your social media the power to increase your sales, customer service and brand reach.

Email marketing is the most efficient means of reaching customers

In terms of cost per message, email marketing can be quite inexpensive. However, if your emails fail to convert, you’re still wasting money. Knowing when and how often to send emails is just as important as what your message says. And what it says can have a very positive impact, or it can fall on deaf ears.

We add the sophistication of dynamic customer grouping and data to carefully tailor your emails, giving them the best chance to convert. Our ongoing data analysis helps us improve your messaging and identify high converting messages to use and refine.

Be a miner of relevant data

You’re probably aware of Google Analytics. When used correctly Analytics can be a treasure trove of actionable information. Unfortunately, most simply look at the number of visitors or page views, missing hundreds of other data points that might yield critical data for improving a site’s performance. In addition, our weekly reporting sent to clients profiles many other data that yield relevant information, such as social media interactions, SEO configurations, and competitive analysis.

All our clients receive these weekly performance reports free of charge, whether or not they use us to manage SEM and PPC. The more meaningful information you have at your disposal, the better your decision making.