Make eCommerce Work (Easily)

For eCommerce, it’s hard to argue against Shopify. With over 600,000 businesses using the platform, Shopify and Shopify Plus are true contenders for merchants serious about eCommerce success.

Shopify Removes the “Darn-its.”

Fast to launch, faster to render, and faster to relieve your mind.

600,000 Shopify-Powered Businesses
(And we’ve built a number of them.)

Easy to Customize
No more huge cutomization costs. DIY, if you desire.

Amazon, Pinterest, Facebook and More
Sell everywhere your customers are.

$55,000,000,000+ Sold on Shopify
That’s billion with a “B.”

Build Your Own Toolset
As simple or powerful as you choose.

Over 1,300 Add-ons
You can purt-near do anything you need.

Thousand Shopify Businesses

Billion $ Sold on Shopify Stores

Stores we've converted from Magento®

Shopify Apps and themes we're releasing in the next 12 months.

Shopify Plus Makes “Enterprise” Simple

Having a large volume shop doesn’t mean you need to over-spend and over-complicate.

Serious Cloud Commerce

With a 99.99% uptime SLA, unlimited bandwidth and transactions — and the ability to handle 4M hits/second — your IT problems just went *poof*.

Everyone Connects

With Shopify Plus, you’re easily connected to services from Amazon to Zoho (and every letter in-between). If you need others, Shopify’s robust API and SDK’s make custom solutions a breeze.

Go Ahead, Sleep Tonight

Shopify Plus’ Level 1 PCI DSS compliant platform is built for security and reliability.

We Make Migration Work

We’ve migrated dozens of merchants from other platforms to Shopify Plus.

1. Analyze
We conduct a thorough discovery of your operation to make sure everything you want to do will be improved by migrating to Shopify.
2. Transfer
After modeling your existing data, we use our proprietary migration programming to move your product and customer data to Shopify.
3. Design
We’ll apply your brand and content to a new, responsive framework we built exclusively for our clients. This ain’t your Daddy’s theme.
4. Extend

We know which Shopify add-ons work well (we have the bruises to prove it). We’ll add the functionality you need to conver more sales.

5. Integrate
Finally, we hook your Shopify store to your back-end systems, marketing automations and the Keurig® in the break room*.
* We don’t really integrate with Keurig® coffee makers. We prefer our java fresh-roasted and ground.

Time for the right Move?

novusweb® can make your migration to Shopify or Shopify Plus the best eCommerce decision ever.

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