Real success comes with the implementation of solid, well-planned and efficiently-executed solutions. And real solutions come from those who have “fought in the trenches” to succeed online.

We’re one of only a select few agencies that have actually built profitable online businesses. We’ve proven our expertise before and we continue to do it every day for a wide variety of emerging online merchants, manufacturers, jobbers and wholesalers.

Clients like you.

Cost Savings

There’s a common myth that to be successful online, you have to spend lots of money to get enterprise-level performance. Doing so wrecks your ROI.

Would you like to reduce your eCommerce overhead by 40%? 50%? More?

We work hard to identify, vet and implement solutions that make fiscal and operational sense. We don’t jump at the newest shiny objects, but rather concentrate on solving your most challenging issues while, at the same time, keeping a keen eye on the bottom line.

We call it being frugal. You’ll just call it smart business.


Selling to resellers requires a complexity most in eCommerce do not quite grasp. It’s more than just price lists.

Successful wholesalers build relationships. They nurture and support their buyers. They offer various payment terms, incentives and programs to help their customers sell more products.

Wholesalers have different data requirements, too. Shipping is often in bulk, LTL loads.

In short, we know wholesale is no cake-walk. That’s why the team at novusweb is committed to crafting the right solution for wholesale.

The end result? More sales, better customers and more profit.


Whether you sell wholesale or retail, getting your products to your consumers is extremely critical to your success. On-time, accurate shipments satisfies your buyers and builds trust in your brand.

Today, you have more opportunities for improving distribution and fulfillment than ever before. Many clients are learning to utilize FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) to give their customers fast delivery at competitives rates.

Other clients are leveraging low-cost integrations and software to process orders in-house, with dynamic shipping options based on lowest carrier.

Whichever way you prefer, novusweb is ready to help you maximize logistical performance.


While we continue to help B2C merchants grow their online retail businesses, we are also helping B2B businesses create and grow direct-to-consumer channels.

D2C not only offers additional selling opportunities, it helps your resellers by building increased product interest among potential consumers.

B2B merchants find that even with products priced at full MSRP, providing a modern online shopping experience helps bring more business to their resellers; the marketing you do augments that of the resellers.

For non-B2B clients, our proven expertise in retail selling is further enhanced by our insights on distributors and suppliers. The more you understand how wholesale eCommerce operates, the more you can leverage supplier data, systems and integrations.

Virtual Floorplanning

At novusweb, we have created a philosophy of wholeselling called “Virtual Floorplanning,” where distributors efficiently deliver stock purchased by resellers to FBA or other multi-location fulfillment partners.

With Virtual Floorplanning, the reseller has a proper and ideal supply of products with fulfillment at competitive rates. Instead of buying product then re-shipping it to fulfillment centers, the product is directly delivered to Amazon et al.

Virtual floorplanning reduces overhead costs, provides resellers with stellar fulfillment options, and allows the distributor to provide additional service by keeping products supplied according to demand rather than by arbitrary quantity minimums.

Virtual Floorplanning can help both wholesaler and retailer be more competitive — and more profitable!


Retailers and wholesales, alike, are finding that dropshipping — when properly and prudently implemented — can expand markets at reduced risks.

For consumer-focused merchants, dropshipping can augment product offerings without increasing inventory overhead. The complexity of multi-origin shipping can be overcome with today’s SaaS solutions which can also incorporate sales from multiple channels.

For distributors, the addition of integrated tools for receiving, processing and shipping orders from dropshipping merchants means lower costs, additional selling opportunities and faster inventory turns.

novusweb can provide the intelligent planning and cost-effective implementations to bring dropshipping to the supply chain.

Market Growth

Even B2B businesses want to grow. As much as we have helped hundreds of B2C merchants build their sales and efficiency, we can apply the same to those higher in the supply chain.

Wholesale customers are, indeed, customers. Your ability, as a B2B, to nuture, support and energize your customers directly impacts your bottom line.

Today’s most competitive B2B’s know how to adopt the best the web has to offer to increase sales, satisfy customer needs and add to their bottom line.

At novusweb we continual to perfect the techniques that build profitability through online selling.

Product Normalization

Anyone who says online selling isn’t complicated has never wrestled with the accumulation and distribution of product data. Manufacturers and distributors need accurate data, to be sure, but it’s “down the chain” where product data is crucial.

We’ve tackled some of the most challenging product data issues by working with all members of the supply chain to create, source, distribute and preserve product data that not only counts inventory, but provides the quantity and quality of information that will enable sellers to promote, present and profit.

Wholesalers and distributors often need help in assembling product information that is truly useful to its customers. And that’s a core skillset at novusweb.

Our Technology Partners

While we only recommend solutions that truly match a client’s needs, we have established partnerships we lean on to help us devise innovative, cost-effective eCommerce remedies.

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