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Search Google for the phrase “content is king” and you’ll receive about 800,000,000 results, with many citing Bill Gates as coining the phrase in an article written in 1996. At the time, he was referring to information on the Internet and presenting a case for paid content providers. Even in 1996, the…(Read More)

Improve Your Ranking

You may have two or more pages with the same content, but different URLs. Perhaps one is an old page you no longer wish to use as a URL, but it’s listed in the search engines. Eliminating duplicate content can improve your rankings by concentrating PageRanks and search engine rankings on one page of…(Read More)

Cyndi Williams

As COO and co-founder of novusweb®, Cyndi focuses on managing online operations for select clients. She is an expert in operating stores, including fulfillment, advertising, and social media.