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First Quarter E-Commerce Sales The US Census Bureau reports that for the first quarter of 2012, e-commerce sales increased 3.1 percent over the fourth quarter of 2011. The total sales reported was $53.2 billion. As the chart above illustrates, e-commerce sales have been steadily increasing from 2003 to 2012. You…(Read More)

Boost Holiday Sales

Almost $20 billion was spent during the period of November 1 through December 4, 2011 and Gian Fulgoni, comScore chairman, predicts that we will see several more billion dollar online spending days as we approach the middle of December. How Can You Capture Holiday Sales? Michael Koploy, an ERP Analyst at Software Advice recently posted…(Read More)

E-commerce Tips

Recently, someone we met at a social gathering asked us if we could take a quick look at their e-commerce web site and make some quick recommendations. They were not having great success in getting ranked in Google, and even less success in converting visitors into buyers. After taking a look at their site…(Read More)

Free Shipping

Nine in 10 online retailers (92.5%) say they plan to offer Free Shipping this holiday season. The National Retail Federation, citing a survey conducted by BIGresearch, notes that this figure is up from 84.8 percent in 2010. Online Retailers Prepare for Holidays The Study, conducted by BIGresearch for, surveyed 1,685…(Read More)

Target Website

A couple of years ago, Target decided to end its arrangement with Amazon. For the last ten years they used Amazon’s e-commerce platform, fulfillment services and web hosting. The outsourcing cost Target a reportedly $100 million in online commissions annually. So it seemed logical that Target would take their brand and create their…(Read More)

Online Retail Sales

Online retail sales are climbing. The independent research company, Forrester Research, Inc., attributes 9 percent of all US retail sales to online purchases, and predicts that by 2014 that will increase to 11 percent. Overall retail sales were up 3 percent in the fourth quarter of 2010, however online sales were up 13.5 percent…(Read More)

E-Commerce Growth

The Census Bureau of the Department of Commerce released their e-commerce sales report for the second quarter of 2011. The retail sales for the second quarter of 2011 were estimated at $1.04 trillion, an increase of 1.2 percent from the first quarter of 2011. E-commerce sales accounted for 4.6 percent…(Read More)

E-Commerce Growth

The Mercent E-Commerce Performance Index (MEPI) is a report that measures year-over-year growth of the same-seller gross merchandise value (GMV) for national brand name retailers selling across E-Commerce sales channels. And for the second quarter of this year, an increase of 17% over second quarter last year was reported. Mercent…(Read More)

For several years, the Amorology Weddings blog has seen its fan base grow significantly. Engaged couples and their families enjoy learning about weddings, planning and emerging styles. Amorology Weddings is a Southern California wedding planning and coordination company. It was only natural that Amorology create an online store to provide a great online resource for…(Read More)

In creating e-commerce solutions for our clients and ourselves, we choose the platform or underlying technology based on the needs of the project, the types of products or services offered, and how the client will manage their etailing operations. For our more complex projects, we have yet to find a platform that has more…(Read More)

Cyndi Williams

As COO and co-founder of novusweb®, Cyndi focuses on managing online operations for select clients. She is an expert in operating stores, including fulfillment, advertising, and social media.