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Mobile Shopper

On May 24th, Sridhar Ramaswamy, Senior Vice President of Advertising and Commerce, opened the summit by asking Google, “how many global searches are made on Google?” The answer: trillions are made every year. And, more Google searches are happening on smartphones than desktops and laptops globally. More than one-half of the traffic is coming…(Read More)

At the recent Search Marketing Expo in New York, Gary Illyes of Google gave what he said was probably the first, public official discussion of how Google has added website security as a ranking factor when indexing sites. He was part of a panel of industry leaders who supported the idea, through data and examples…(Read More)

novusweb local

Google is changing the way “location extensions” will be attached to AdWords listings. Instead of specifying location extensions in your AdWords account, Google will take the information from your Google My Business account (formerly Google Places for Business). The good thing about this change is that you will be able to enter your business location…(Read More)

Search Engine Report

Google tops search engine rankings — continues its dominance in the search market. comScore released their search analysis for October 2011, and the results were predictable. Google continued to lead the search market with 65.6 percent of the search queries. This was an increase of 0.3 percent over the previous month. Yahoo was down…(Read More)

Google Ad Preferences

One big security topic, widely discussed today, revolves around the protection of our privacy as we surf the Web. We’ve long known and understood that e-commerce websites we visit keep track of information about our shopping preferences, habits, even what products we’ve viewed online. What most don’t know is that search…(Read More)

Cyndi Williams

As COO and co-founder of novusweb®, Cyndi focuses on managing online operations for select clients. She is an expert in operating stores, including fulfillment, advertising, and social media.