I’ve been selling online for the last 10 years, the first 4-5 years I had 4 different “website designers/ webmasters” and I was never happy, always over paying and being under serviced. Unfortunately most of us don’t understand how to build websites and operate an e-commerce store so we are gullible, ripe to be sold and taken advantage of. novusweb was introduced to me by a friend in 2011 who had great success with novusweb, I gave them a shot and my business life changed, time spent on projects are documented, emergency emails answered in just minutes, phone calls always answered, video conferences, well laid out plans… I can’t say enough about Bret and Cyndi Williams the founders of novusweb and their business, I owe a lot of my success to them for sure, I’m going on my 6th year with them and they continue to update my website with the latest technology to keep me ahead of the curve.