Veteran Models Inquiry

Hello, Veteran!

First, as parents of a son and daughter-in-law currently serving in the US Army, we thank you for your service and devotion to safeguarding our freedoms.

Second, we are working with our client — a third-generation provider of military surplus clothing and gear — to honor our veterans by showcasing them on the Web and in social media. By modeling authentic and replica military apparel and equipment, your name and military service will be prominently noted so others will know of your service to our country.

In addition, our client has and will continue to make significant donations of money and clothing to veteran-related causes.

Like you, we feel your service was important and is not to be taken lightly. Our client is truly an upstanding supporter of our military; if they weren’t, we would not be working with them on this project.

The Project

If hired, you will be asked to spend a day with our photography crew on one or more locations around the Greater Austin area. You will be modeling GI or replica apparel and equipment. In return, you will receive $150 for the day, lunch and refreshments, and use of any final photos or video for your own purposes! We will also have make-up and hair artists on hand to assist. This is a professional shoot opportunity.

You will be required to sign a standard model release and a W-9 for tax purposes. You will not be asked to do anything disrespectful of your person or country. Disabled vets are also welcomed: we do not discriminate on the basis of gender, race or disability, at all!

We will tell you, however, that we are seeking models ages 25-40 as the primary age group. Both male and female veterans, too!

We hope to hear from you soon!