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Latest News

  • Easy Marketing Launch Checklist for New Online Store Owners

    Your new online store just went live. You placed a test order yourself. Everything went smoothly. This is a big milestone. Now it’s time to figure out how to make sure your second order isn’t also from you. You need customers for your new online store. So, you ask the million dollar question. Where do […]

  • New Google Algorithm

    Beginning April 21, Google will include mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. When searching the Web on your smartphone or tablet, Google will begin showing relevant mobile ready search results first. More and more searches are being made on mobile devices and Google is making sure the sites displayed in the search results are relevant and optimized […]

  • Dimensional Shipping

    UPS began pricing their ground shipments based on dimensions, rather than actual weight, on December 29. FedEx will follow suit on January 5, 2015. Prior to this new shipping rule, dimensional weight pricing applied only to packages that were three cubic feet or more sent by ground shipping, and to packages shipped by air. Dimensional Weight […]

  • MemberFindMe and Customer Service

    We were recently tasked with finding a Member Directory solution that would integrate with a WordPress installation we created for a non-profit organization. In addition to membership management, they also needed to be able to manage events. Another important feature requirement was the financial integration into QuickBooks. There are several popular member management tools, but we […]

  • Google’s Ranking for HTTPS: What Should You Do?

    At the recent Search Marketing Expo in New York, Gary Illyes of Google gave what he said was probably the first, public official discussion of how Google has added website security as a ranking factor when indexing sites. He was part of a panel of industry leaders who supported the idea, through data and examples, […]

  • Google Changes Local Extensions

    Google is changing the way “location extensions” will be attached to AdWords listings. Instead of specifying location extensions in your AdWords account, Google will take the information from your Google My Business account (formerly Google Places for Business). The good thing about this change is that you will be able to enter your business location […]

  • Content is King, but Trust is Absolute

    Search Google for the phrase “content is king” and you’ll receive about 800,000,000 results, with many citing Bill Gates as coining the phrase in an article written in 1996. At the time, he was referring to information on the Internet and presenting a case for paid content providers. Even in 1996, the early days of […]

  • Google Page Layout Algorithm Update

    Google continuously updates their search algorithm in order to provide its users with the most relevant results. According to a recent post by Google’s Matt Cutts, users complain if they click on a search result and the actual content is difficult to find. They don’t want to do a lot of scrolling, and want the […]

  • Is Social Media Overwhelming You?

    Talk to any SEO expert and they’ll say you need social media. They’ll tout the fact that social media is building brands and helping companies reach their customers in new ways. What they may not tell you is that to do social media productively takes a lot of time. Time you may not have.

  • Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors

    In reading an article about Google’s Hummingbird algorithm, I found a link to a wonderful graphic that visually notes what we perceive to be the factors that go into creating great search engine optimized content. The graphic above is from Search Engine Land, another great SEO resource. What we found interesting is that more than anything, […]


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