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Is Your Ecommerce Kicking butt?

Or is Ecommerce kicking Your butt?

Are you..

  • Frustrated that your online store is not growing faster?
  • Tired of making expensive technology mistakes?
  • Thinking of jumping into e-commerce but don’t know where to start?
  • Not achieving a 10X result on your marketing spend?

Is it time to get some help?

Sometimes the key to success is just getting a little push in the right direction.


Sometimes we all just need some inspiration, some motivation. Think of it as high-level mentoring for top-end success.


We often teach clients the same advanced topics. So, we thought we’d make them more accessible. Good thinking, eh?


From start-up planning to migration projects, we’ve seen and done it all. Learn from our successes and avoid our missteps.

It all started in a small, 2-room office.

In 1994, two insightful entrepreneurs opened up the first professional website development company in a non-descript upstairs, two-room office in Austin, Texas.

They called the firm Chataqua, in reference to meeting tents common in the Northeast. Bret Williams and Joel McColl regarded the nascent web as a meeting place of sorts for the world.

And they were quite right.

It wasn’t long, though, before Chataqua was bought by a larger technology concern in San Antonio. McColl went back to hosting the annual Austin Pun-off and other business endeavors.

Bret, however, stayed in the Internet business. More than most in 1995, Bret intuitively understood the enormous data-driving marketing potential.

Serial Entrepreneur

Bret Williams is the CEO and co-founder of novusweb. After 20 years in marketing, advertising, and political consulting, Bret began what has become a 25 run of success in the Internet space.

Today, after building hundreds of websites and online stores, Bret is focusing on coaching the next generation of online merchants.

Magento Books by Bret Williams


Bret is a prolific writer. From multiple books on ecommerce and blog articles to speeches and coaching courses, Bret loves communicating via the written word. He’s even ghost-written thousands of words for CEOs and politicians.

His genius comes from knowing how to make very complex or technical concepts accessible to the target audience. It’s more than judging the reader’s vocabulary level — it’s intuiting the reader’s attention span, relative subject expertise, and desired outcome.

Bret Speaking


When his boys were younger, Bret used to bring them a lapel pin from the various cities he traveled to speak. Within a year, the bulletin board map on which the pins were placed became too heavy for its hooks.

Bret has spoken at conferences, workshops, and meetings in 22 states, plus the District of Columbia. He has also spoken in a dozen countries. In short, his frequent flyer miles are considerable!

Whether the topic is technical, philosophical, or motivational, Bret captivates audiences with his straight-forward messages, humor, and, above all, unique insights.


Bret has never been satisfied with what has already been accomplished. He’s a creative problem solver who believes that what can be conceived can also be achieved. Over the past two and a half decades (and even before he dove into the Internet), Bret has accepted challenges as just steps on a journey.

Builders Square Alamobowl

First Live Sporting Event Coverage

To showcase the fast networking of the Alamobowl, Bret and his team were asked to quickly assemble a live demonstration by steaming photos and press-box updates of the 1995 Builder’s Square Alamobowl. The first live coverage of a major sporting event on the Internet. Built, configured and launched in only 10 days.

Northside Ford Logo

First Online Car Buying Website

In the early days of the Web, no one could believe that it was possible to build a website to allow a car buyer to choose a model, color, and options, and receive an online price.

No one, except Bret. He built the first interactive car-buying website in the world.


Rapid Wireframing System

USAA is great at insurance, but in 1999 was challenged to get web projects completed quickly and to the market. Identifying considerable areas of duplicate effort, Bret created a pioneering wireframing UI that helped product managers scope projects so that developers could build on top of the layouts instead of re-building them from scratch each time.

Betty Crocker Logo

Integrated Ecommerce

Betty Crocker® is one of America’s most respected brands. Their first online “catalog” was nice but was not producing impressive sales.

Bret and his team were chosen against firms in New York and Minneapolis to tackle this challenge, with one caveat: they had to build the platform from scratch, integrate it to the COBOL system, and launch it all in 30 days.

They did and next quarter sales for Betty Crocker rose over 3,000%!

NovuScript Logo

First HIPAA Compliant File Transfer

In 2004, Medical Transcriptionists could not take advantage of the new digital voice recording technologies because they had no way of securely transferring the audio files and resultant transcription over the Internet. While SSL encryption was available, Federal HIPAA regulations required much more security and accountability.

In short order, Bret programmed and marketed a successful file transfer platform that remained in full operation on its original codebase until 2019.

American Dictation Logo

Niche-leading Online Business

Necessity is the Mother of all invention, and in 2005, Bret needed a solid, secure, and marketing-focused ecommerce system to use to sell digital dictation and transcription equipment for his NovuScript subscribers.

Since there was no such animal in the marketplace, Bret programmed his own, and within months, American Dictation was the leading online reseller of high-end equipment, beating out over 150 other authorized dealers who had decades of retail experience in the niche.

American Dictation was sold in 2009, and today is still a leader in sales and service.

Magento Logo

New Product Type

Magento® is an incredibly powerful ecommerce platform, but for several of Bret’s clients, the lack of a true Bundle product type was hard to overlook. It’s common for online merchants to sell two or more inventoried items as a reduced-price promotional bundle. And Magento had no native means of accommodating this.

Bret’s team crafted — and sold — a Magento v1.x extension that created a new product type within Magento and allowed merchants more selling flexibility.

Shopify Logo

Inter-platform Data Migrations

As Shopify’s viability as a major ecommerce solution improved, many online sellers who were faced with upgrading their existing systems moved to Shopify — or wanted to. Most soon realized that the conversion of years of product, order, and customer data from their existing system to Shopify was not only daunting; most considered it impossible.

One of Bret’s passions is data. And no one realizes the nuances of inter-platform migration like Bret. It’s not a simple matching of fields; it’s knowing how to combine, enhance, and manipulate data as they move from one system to another.


It’s Time to Excel

Get started TODAY with a free 45-minute consultation with an e-commerce expert.

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Latest NO B.S. Reviews

One thing about Bret and his team, is they don’t mince words. If you want to know the true skinny about various products, services, and websites, here’s the place.

novusweb gives us top-shelf service every single time we work with them. In fact, it’s been that way for years. When we met their team, we needed help, as we had a tangled nest of dated technology and inefficiencies. They worked within our budget and our skill sets to build a better online bookstore as part of our larger operation. Three years later, we have seen double-digit growth in book sales and have a technology suite that just plain works. We highly recommend any business that wants to take their business and their customers to the next level to work with novusweb.

Ryan Slabaugh

General Manager/Publisher, Acres USA

novusweb helped us rapidly launch a new e-commerce store by guiding us through the process. Bret and his team recommended top-notch developers and marketing experts to help us put the plans and ideas Bret developed with us into action.

We’re very pleased to be able to now satisfy the incredible demand for our non-meat products!

Janine Vandiver

Director, E-commerce, Hungry Planet Foods


Naturally, as we work in the e-commerce industry, we discover insights that could be valuable for you.

Protecting Your Site Content

Protecting Your Site Content

Many people mistakenly believe that you must register your content with the U.S. Copyright office in order to have protections. But, that’s not entirely true. According to the U.S. Copyright Office, “Your work is under copyright protection the moment it is created and fixed in a tangible form that it is perceptible either directly or with the aid of a machine or device.”

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